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Welcome to Japan_alt! This community is for fans of Japanese Gothic, Lolita, Punk, Rock, Cyber, and Visual Kei fashion styles who live in Japan or visit often. Visual kei cosplayers are also welcome! We're not here to be elitist over those who don't live in Japan; this community is for sharing info about sales and brand events, getting directions somewhere, to schedule gatherings, to find shopping or concert-going buddies, or just to share photos and purikura of your lovely clothes. You are welcome to join if you don't live in Japan, but please stay on topic and direct all general Gothic & Lolita fashion questions and posts to their relevant communities (not here).

The only rules are:

1) No advertising/spamming. This includes other communities and ebay auctions. Selling things will only be accepted if it involves something like concert tickets or other things relevant to this community. Your auctions will be gladly accepted in a million other LJ communities, but they will be deleted here.

2) Photos and purikura are welcome, as long as they are on topic. Please don't post your artwork. And anything over 400x400 pixels should be placed under a LJ cut.

3) Please keep elitism and bragging to a minimum. We're here to have fun, and no one is better than another because they have more clothes. Let's be friends!

Feel free to introduce yourself when you join. A good start would be: Name, location, favorite brands/clothing style, favorite bands, etc.

Happy shopping!