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JRock/Visual Kei style clothes for direct sale.

 Hey guys.

I'm selling some visual-kei style pants and ties for sale- all brand new, mint condition and good quality. You'll find these type of clothes all over Harajuku, in particular the Nudy Boy store on Takeshitadori. They're quite popular, and these clothes go hand in hand with our favourite VK boys. Please give them a good home. Items start at $30. These designs are amazing, I fell in love with them at first sight. The sizes are also stated under the cut~ Stock is limited, so don't straggle! ~_^ If you have any questions or would like to order something, just leave a comment. ^_^ I'll be uploading more items in the coming few months and creating an online store.

Shipping is a flate rate of $16 to anywhere in the world. I take paypal. ^_^

MAD PUNK GIRLS Flared bondage pants with studs ++ $135
These pants come in one size- they will fit a size 8. Maximum hip measurement is 30".
 They're best suited to those over 5"3, but still look good on shorter people with massive boots. These look amazing with a pair of high creepers, a beret hat, a plain blouse and tie! It's so chic yet so morbid- these are absolutely perfect for Spring and Fall wheather- the material is thick enough for wind resistence, yet light enough to be worn out any time of the year.

K-Star Pirate & Crucifix side-skirt and pants set ++ $120
These amazing pants come in two sizes, medium and large. Medium size is for 30" maximum hip and large is for 31" maximum. The skirt and belt/buckle pieces are detachable in case you want a more casual look, but with the whole thing it's an outrageously glam type of visual-kei, don't you think? These go perfectly with creeper platforms or large boots and accessories.

MAD PUNK GIRLS side-skirt zipper set ++ $145
These H.NAOTO-like pants come in two sizes, medium and large. Medium size is for 29" maximum hip and the large size is for 31" maximum. They look really similar to H.NAOTO's range of clothes, I'm personally in love with these. The skirt is detachable and the zippers all work. (Personally, I think it looks really good with the skirt on). Pictures speak for themselves.

K-Star buckle-strap pants ++ $120
These intricately detailed 3/4 length pants are from MAD PUNK GIRLS and come in two sizes, medium and large. The large size will fit up to 33 and a half inches, the small size will fit up to 29". There are three buckles/belts on these pants, they're amazingly detailed and sit perfectly on your knees so that you can show off your favourite pair of boots. These look great with the 'pirate' look. ~_^ You can take off for a more casual look or leave them on for the full effect!

K-Star gothic bat-ties ++ $30 each
They come with a chain for easy on and off and do wonders to the most simple of outfits. ^_^ I love the bat wings the most!

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