Hannah (ハナ) (these_days) wrote in japan_alt,
Hannah (ハナ)

Just wanted to introduce myself

hey all. Well, I'm hannah. I'm 19 and currently in Tokyo, studying at ICU. I love most alt. Japanese fashion including goth, punk and lolita. My favorite brands (whether I can afford them or not is a very different matter) are vivienne westwood, h.naoto. black peace now, sexy dynamite london, sex pot revenge, alice auaa, and baby the stars the shine bright. I also love visual kei bands such as Dir en grey, kagrra,, alicenine, luna sea, pierrot, x japan, calmando qual and kuroyume/sads/anything kiyoharu. Non j-bands include the cure, nine inch nails, david bowie, depeche mode, poe, siouxsie and the banshees, oingo boingo, and garbage.
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