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Hello, nice to meet everyone.

My name is Laura, 17 years old and I went to Japan over the summer and hope to be moving there sometime in the next year or two. Hopefully to Tokyo *^_^*

Favorite bands are Dir en Grey, X Japan, Shiina Ringo, Speena, Luna Sea, Malice Mizer, GO!GO!7188 and Eve of Destiny. I also listen to techno, trance etc.

My favorite clothes were from a small store in Shibuya called Ca-ti Happy and Smile which had some kick ass homemade clothes. I have a shirt that says "Swallow the Leader" which I am very fond of. I usually bought a lot of my clothes from small shops and stands in Harajuku so i'm not quite sure of the brand names. I bought a ton of jewelry there too. I'll post some pictures at some point when my scanner feels like working >_>.

I guess that's it for me.
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