miss k (agentscuiy) wrote in japan_alt,
miss k


Yo no one's been posting here :O Well many of you may already know, but the winter sales are starting soon. h.NAOTO has had a 30~50% off sale starting Christmas, and Closet Child/Disc Wave is doing various discounts throughout the next couples weeks. The big sales are starting January 2nd.. Maruione in Shinjuku starts their fukubukuro (grab-bag) sales the 2nd, along with discounts. Most of the gothic and lolita brands in Maruione start their bargains the 3rd. h.NAOTO is selling fukubukuros in all their stores starting the 1st or 2nd, Sex Pot Revenge has fukubukuros starting the 2nd, and Putumayo is also offering them but hasn't released information yet.

Any other sales out there?
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