Loren Morgenstern (morgen_stern) wrote in japan_alt,
Loren Morgenstern

Requisite Introductions

Hello, my name is Morgen, and I currently reside in student housing on campus at the University of sunny Southern California, where I major in Japanese Language and Culture. In about a year from now I will be (hopefully and most likely) residing in the Tokyo area as a study abroad student at Waseda Daigaku. So, there's still some time before I get over there to Japan, but I was told about this community today, so I thought I'd join now before I forget.

When it comes to Japanese alternative fashion my tastes run mostly toward the gothic, and I'm a particular fan of the Moi-meme-Moitie label. I became interested in these fashions through Visual Kei and sort of vice versa as the look of Visual Kei drew me to the music, as my first introduction was walking in on my first host-sister clipping out pictures of Dir en Grey from a music magazine when I was in Shiga-ken about four years ago.

So that's all for now. どうぞよろしく!
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