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h.Naoto cosplay party

According to the website, h.Naoto's stores in Tokyo and Osaka will be having Halloween cosplay parties, either on the 15th (Osaka) or 22nd (Tokyo) of October. Open at 8, starts at 8:30. Tickets cost 2000 yen, with free food and drink, "giveaways" and a cosplay contest.
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Ouughhh if only there weren't already 500 other Halloween events >
Ok, how do I find out about other events? Not sure where to search.....
I mean concert type events.. There's one hosted by Death Trap ID, it's a cosplay contest.. on the 29th. On the 31st there's one at Club Holiday and Area (and I'm sure many more ><). And there's a lot of all-night goth events but I'm not sure about those. I just know about these from bands' live schedules.
huh. ok, thanks for the info. Better go look into those goth nights....