lilusako (lilusako) wrote in japan_alt,

Fukuoka, Japan

I arrived in Japan actually about two months ago, travelled around Japan for about a month. Now I am settled in Fukuoka, Kyushu and attending Kyushu University for an academic year. I was just wondering... besides in Tokyo how does one go about finding other people who are interested in alternative fashion and music? I'm not really too sure where to look and my japanese isn't very good at all. But in anycase, a pleasure to meet you all.

Basic Introduction Info:
Name: Usako

location: Iriji, Fukuoka-shi, Kyushu

favorite brands/clothing style: a little bit of everything, EGL, EGA, industrial, what ever I feel like wearing.

favorite bands (I love music in general... so my list would be endless, but here is a simple condensed version):
Japanese bands: kagrra, schwarz stein, plastic tree, moi dix mois, BLOOD, +D'espairs Ray+, T.M. Revolution.
Other things: Everclear, smashing pumpkins, stone temple pilots, VNV Nation, Assemblage 23, Funker Vogt, Suicide Commando, NamNambulu, Me & My.
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